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21 09, 2017

Bases police in Cyprus use new drone to net bird trappers

September 21st, 2017|From the Studio|Comments Off on Bases police in Cyprus use new drone to net bird trappers

BRITISH BASES POLICE have rolled-out a state of the art drone in an effort to stamp out bird-trapping.

Earlier this year, the Guardian reported that more than 800,000 songbirds, including blackcaps, robins and garden warblers, are estimated to have been illegally killed last autumn on the British military base in Dhekelia during 2016.

The drone has night-vision and can cover a distance of seven kilometres and an altitude of 200 metres.

“The SBA Police are absolutely committed to targeting anybody involved in illegal bird trapping and we will use all legal methods in order to do this,” Chief Superintendent Jon Ward said.’

In a 2015 interview on Sunshine Radio, British wildlife expert Bill Oddie called for urgent action to stop the annual slaughter of half a million migrating songbirds in British Sovereign Areas of Cyprus.

The star said that even though the British authorities here have pledged to clamp down on trapping and poaching – they must stamp the practice out completely.

18 09, 2017

Fury at Ryanair as flights axed, schedule normal in Cyprus…for now

September 18th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on Fury at Ryanair as flights axed, schedule normal in Cyprus…for now

LOW COST carrier Ryanair is under pressure to reveal which flights are earmarked for cancellation over the next six-weeks.

The company is struggling to control a wave of anger from furious customers who are unsure if their flights will be axed. So far, no flights to and from Cyprus have been canned, but that might change when a ‘new list’ is published midweek.

On Saturday, the cut-rate airline said it would cancel 40-50 flights every day for the next six weeks, after it “messed up” the planning of pilot holidays.

The unprecedented wave of cancellations could scupper the travel plans of up to 400,000 passengers.

Shares in the airline fell 3 percent on Monday.

18 09, 2017

British forces visit Paphos base

September 18th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on British forces visit Paphos base

British Forces Cyprus staff and members of the Republic of Cyprus Air Command have been developing defence relations with joint visits to RAF Akrotiri and the Paphos Airforce base.

Brigadier General Gabriel Dimitriou, the head of Cyprus Air Command, was given a full tour of RAF Akrotiri and briefed on the “pace and tempo of operations” supported on the base.

Soon after, members of British Forces Cyprus, including RAF Akrotiri Station Commander, Group Captain Mike Blackburn, were hosted by Colonel Christos Koumenides, the Paphos Airforce base commander, where his staff gave a full briefing and tour of the facilities and equipment there.

According to a release from the bases: “These visits have boosted the already well-developed relationship between the two military forces, something the Defence Secretary from Britain and the Republic of Cyprus spoke about in August last year.”

During a visit to Cyprus, British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon spoke of his gratitude to the Republic of Cyprus for its support in the battle against the so-called Islamic State, and his Cypriot counterpart, Christoforos Fokaides, spoke of the need to develop “partnerships with countries and governments that remain committed to the fight against terrorism”.

“I believe the visit to RAF Akrotiri and the Bases return visit to the Paphos Airforce base to be very useful and both ourselves and the Bases are keen to develop on this relationship,” Colonel Koumenides said.

RAF Akrotiri’s Station Commander, Gp Capt Blackburn added:“The Cypriot delegation were briefed on the pace and tempo of operations supported from Akrotiri and were given a full tour of the facilities on base.

“The principal focus of discussion during the visits concerned tactical-level issues such as local airspace coordination, use of Akrotiri and Paphos for emergencies and training, Force Protection, air safety and Search and Rescue training and exercises.

“The Cypriot delegation agreed that we should develop the relationship further and agreement was reached to draft some simple but mutually beneficial objectives between the two bases under an ‘Air Safety’ banner over the coming months.”

18 09, 2017

UN chief asks for specific ideas on restarting of Cyprus peace process

September 18th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on UN chief asks for specific ideas on restarting of Cyprus peace process

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has asked the parties involved in the Cyprus problem to provide him with specific ideas as to how they would come together again to restart the stalled peace process, a UN official in Nicosia has said.

Elizabeth Spehar, the Canadian UN mission chief in Cyprus and a special representative of Guterres, said she conveyed the request during meetings she had with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, who leads the Greek Cypriots, and Mustafa Akinci, the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community.

She said the meetings were in preparation of further meetings Antonio Guterres will have with Anastasiades on September 22, after his address to the UN General Assembly, and Akinci who leads an unrecognized state entity but “customarily will be at the margins of the General Assembly”.

The four-decade old UN led negotiations on Cyprus came to a new impasse at an international conference in the Swiss Alpine resort of Crans Montana, after which the Secretary General sent the parties to reflect on how to move forward.

“And now it seems to be a good time to hear from all of them and to hear their ideas on precisely what their plans are for moving forward. The S.G. would be very interested in particular to hear concrete ideas of how the parties could come together,” Spehar said.

The United Nations has said the two sides came as close together over the past 30 months as never before. But they failed to reach a final agreement at the Swiss resort of Crans Montana with each one blaming the other.

18 09, 2017

Standard & Poor’s revises outlook of Cyprus’s economy to positive

September 18th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on Standard & Poor’s revises outlook of Cyprus’s economy to positive

Standard and Poor’s rating agency affirmed the rating of Cyprus’s long-term and short-term sovereign credit at BB+/B but revised the outlook to positive from stable, a statement issued overnight on Saturday said.

The statement added that the positive outlook reflects that the agency could raise the ratings on Cyprus over the next 12 months if budgetary consolidation continues unabated, and the economy continues to recover toward pre-crisis output levels.

Standard and Poor’s was the first agency to rate Cyprus to the junk level in January, 2012, leading to a downward spiral that was checked by a 10-billion-euro bail-out by the Eurogroup and the International Monetary Fund in March 2013.

The agency projects that GDP growth will average 3 percent between 2017 and 2020, as investments and employment recover, and services exports continue to perform well

14 09, 2017

Halloumi popularity in UK continues to grow

September 14th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on Halloumi popularity in UK continues to grow

TRADITIONAL Cypriot cheese Halloumi is continuing to grow in popularity in the United Kingdom.

It seems British consumers have learnt to appreciate the traditional cheese, especially favouring its high melting point which makes it perfect for grilling and frying.

“Sales of essential Waitrose Cypriot halloumi have risen 24 per cent over the last year – it’s one of the most popular cheeses we sell,” says Jonathan Moore, Waitrose executive chef.

In 2014, Cyprus filed to the European Commission an application to grant the halloumi a certificate of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

12 09, 2017

Warm temperatures set to return as Nicosia hits 37C

September 12th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on Warm temperatures set to return as Nicosia hits 37C

Temperatures will reach 33C today, across the region and 37C in the capital, according to forecasters.

The sudden blast of hotter weather will also bring warm evenings, with highs of 21C expected along the west coast tonight.

The sizzling conditions will last to Thursday, when temperatures will return to a comfortable 30C in Paphos.

The darker nights are here though; sunset is at 7.02 pm tonight.

11 09, 2017

Drunk OAP caught doing 216 kph on highway

September 11th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on Drunk OAP caught doing 216 kph on highway

POLICE have arrested a pensioner after he was caught zooming along the Larnaca highway at 216 kph.

The man, a 72-year-old from Nicosia, was also over the alcohol limit.

He was stopped after he whizzed past a police patrol car.

The man has been charged and will appear in court later this month.

Drink driving – along with speeding – are the main causes of road accidents in Cyprus.

8 09, 2017

Sunny warm weekend, highs of 32 in Paphos

September 8th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on Sunny warm weekend, highs of 32 in Paphos

The summery weather continues across Cyprus this weekend, with highs of 32 expected in Paphos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Evenings will feel a bit chillier, falling down to between 18C -19C.

Forecasters say next week temperatures will spike, with highs of 33C on Monday and Tuesday.

Sunset tonight is at 19:08 and Sunrise on Saturday at 6.28am.

7 09, 2017

Cabin baggage limit cut on Ryanair from next month

September 7th, 2017|Latest News|Comments Off on Cabin baggage limit cut on Ryanair from next month

BUDGET CARRIER Ryanair, which is one of the main carriers working from Paphos airport – has said many customers will no longer be able to take two pieces of luggage into the cabin.

Ryanair passengers without priority boarding will only be able to take one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft.

Passengers without priority boarding will now have to put their second bag in the hold free of charge at the gate, reports the BBC.

Ryanair said it was making the changes from November to ease delays after too many customers took two bags on board.